Are you under Stress, Anxiety, or Depression? Please do take care of yourself

If you are under “Stress”, “Anxiety” and “Depression”, Please do take care of yourself. Just feel free to contact with us for Psychological Counselling & Psycho Alternatives Therapies. Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes Physical, Emotional or Psychological Strain. Stress Sometimes we can say is a normal part of our life. But Chronic stress is very dangerous. Stress triggers Anxiety & Depression. Some of the more common Physical, Psychological & Emotional signs of Chronic Stress are Relationship Conflict, Rapid heart rate, Elevated Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Difficulty Sleeping, Poor problem solving, Changes in behavior, social withdrawal, Feelings of Sadness, Frustration, Loss of emotional control, Inability to rest etc.
Stress can promote Diseases. Heart Problems/ Head Ache/ Neuro Problems / Diabetes /Skin Conditions/ Asthma/ Arthritis/ Depression & Anxiety etc.
So please take care of your Stress. We provide special Psychological Counselling & Psycho Alternative Therapies. Special Stress Management Therapy.

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Best wishes to you all.
Smt. Nabanita Mukherjee
Hon. Secretary. S.R.I.I.C.T
(Prof. Research Scholar, Psychological Counsellor And Psycho Alternative Therapist, Kolkata)

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